Thursday, July 14, 2005

Picture Progress 

I forgot one more thing for my to do list: organizing all our wedding photos. We've got a CD of 213 digital photos from my brother, multiple packs of print photos from our official photographer, my lovely niece Maegan, and packs of photos from the table cameras that my parents helpfully provided. Plus our own honeymoon photos.

I spent much of last evening going through the CD photos that I copied over to my notebook. They all have generic names, so I sorted them out into category folders (preparations, ceremony, guests, cake, etc.) and started the process of renaming them so the filename reflects the content. We have to go through these many, many print and digital images and pick out the ones that we want to print and enlarge for framing and distribution, or to assemble into the wedding album.

I'll post up a few tonight.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:02 AM