Monday, July 25, 2005

Project Clean House 

A clean house = a wonderful thing.

We dedicated yesterday to cleaning, rearranging and organizing the house. Okay, it's an apartment, but it's a side-by-side duplex. We have an upstairs, downstairs and basement, front door, back door and bulkhead, so it seems like a small house. Anyway.

We've had an influx of large furniture items and many smaller sized wedding gifts that we had yet to integrate into the place. This meant that things were piled up, access was blocked to a couple of bureaus, the stacked things acted like magnets for more stacked things, and it just got out of hand.

Yesterday we got a lot done. Cleared off the couch that had become a dumping ground for stuff-we-don't-know-what-to-do-with, cleared off the stairs that were laden with things to go upstairs, cleared all the stuff that had accumulated on the kitchen island and dining room table, totally rearranged all the furniture in the guest/exercise room (which is also where all my clothes are), did many, many loads of laundry, and vaccumed the whole house including the basement. Sadly, this led to a blown fuse, but we had some spares - after that I held off on finishing the basement vaccuming until The Girl had finished the upstairs vacuuming, since apparently some of the outlets in the 2nd floor office, 2nd floor master bedroom and one of the basement rooms are all on the same 15 amp fuse. Whatever.

The Girl reclaimed her desk and shelves from the paper mound and paperback mountain under which it had become buried. I mostly reclaimed my desk and credenza, and repaired the base for the zen fountain (I set it on an unsteady surface a while back and it crashed to the floor along with all the stones and water - what a mess). I still have to tackle my shelves. We also replaced the manual scoop litter box with a high tech automatic litter box. This is very exciting. When the sensors are blocked for at least 5 seconds (i.e. when Aspen or Mischief stand in the box), it sets a timer. Ten minutes later (giving the clumping action a chance to take effect, and for the cat to get a safe distance away) a rake sifts through the clumping litter and deposits any clumps into a sealing disposable cartridge.

The Girl got all her CDs back into their cases and the cases into the racks (in alphabetical order, of course). I boxed up all my fluff novels I've been reading. I updated and ran all the spyware, virus sniffing software on both computers.

What a difference waking up to a tidy, organized, spacious house this morning! It's almost enough to inspire me to finish that 2-year-old painting project.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:51 AM