Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Ring Shot 

Bands and flowers 2
Originally uploaded by RSLS.
No going back now! What's a set of wedding pictures without the time-honored ring shot? Here our hands are perched atop one of our bouquets. Note the lovely manicures. Trust me, that doesn't happen often with me.

This is also a nice shot of some of the glittery beadwork on The Girl's gown. When the sunlight hit, she sparkled brilliantly. I had to move my engagement ring over to my right hand, as it's in an asymmetrical setting that doesn't mesh with the wedding band.

I have another photo with The Girl's left hand and both my hands, but I have images of some Article 8 nutjob distributing it as proof that same sex marriage is opening the door to marriages among three people!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:55 AM