Thursday, July 21, 2005

Worked Out 

The Guyfriend and I hit the building fitness center at lunchtime today. Our office moved into this building in mid-June, but it took a number of weeks before the building and our HR office worked out acceptable waiver forms, then we had to fill them out (including witnesses to our signatures), then wait for the forms to be processed and our building access cards updated to include fitness center acces. So just this week we finally go the okay.

Thing is, when we swiped our magnetic cards the light turned green but the door didn't unlock. The Guyfriend retrieved the building facility manager, and it turns out he forgot to click one button on the computerized card management system. All set.

So I've now taken my first step back onto the path of fitness. Hope I can keep it going. Today I did 30 minutes / 10.4 miles on the stationery bike. The program has a little pace bike against which I can compete, so that helped. Then some stretching and a tiny bit of weight training before lunch time ran out.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:22 PM