Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bookstore Blues 

I've mentioned before that I only have one class left for which I need to acquire the books. The professor never posted the syllabus and/or first assignment, and even if he posted them today it would have been too late to make an online purchase. Since classes begin Monday, I schlepped into Boston today after work. My office has moved out to Metrowest, the suburbs about 30 miles west of Boston, so "running in" to town is no longer a little trip from the office. But I ventured in after work, and even found a metered parking place in between school and the bookstore (they're a few blocks apart). Headed over to the main school building first to check for hard copies of the syllabus, to no avail. But while I was there I went to the security desk outside the library to get my ID all checked and updated for use in the new electronic turnstil security system they've installed. At least I won't have to wait in the line that's going to form for that once classes start.

Next was a merry little walk to the bookstore. Upon arrival I was pleased to see no lines, no waiting. The shelves are still rather unorganized and not completely stocked, but the piles seemed relatively well-marked. So well-marked, in fact, that it took less than a minute for me to discover that the big gaping hole on the top shelf was where my Accounting for Lawyers text(s) should have been. Instead was a barely legible handwritten note conveying that the text(s) are due to arrive on Saturday. Great. We're leaving for the Cape on Thursday after work. Even if we weren't, they probably wouldn't have the books processed and ready for sale by the end of business Saturday. This means that I'll have to go to the bookstore on Monday afternoon, the first day of classes, along with the rest of the herd.

I'm so thrilled.

The thrill was enhanced by the mind-numbing commute I found myself in since I had to exit Boston (empty-handed) at rush hour. I've worked out a nice route from the office to my house on mostly back roads, so I haven't had to deal with total dead-on snarled traffic in a while. It was not missed.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:16 PM