Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ideal Class 

The syllabus for my Perspectives: Non State Actors class has finally been published on NESL's website (classes start 8/22), and I'm psyched!

Under course materials it states: "All materials for the course will be distributed in class or are available on-line."

Translation: No massively expensive texts required! I've acquired the required texts for four of my five classes, and have only spent about $240. The only one left to find out is Accounting for Lawyers. In past semesters I've spent in excess of $500 on books per semester. This is a VERY nice change from that.

It's a seminar, with the grading broken down as follows:

Class preparation & participation: 40%
Presentation of research (i.e. discuss the paper during class): 10%
Final paper (20 pages): 50%

Talking and writing - this is my kind of class!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 3:04 PM