Saturday, August 20, 2005

Relaxation - But So Full 

We just finished dinner at Cafe Edwige here in Provincetown. I loved my appetizer (tuna and avocado tartar), my entree was okay (Provincetown paella - I even ate the little squid - tiny tentacles and all), but I didn't really care for the saffron flavoring or something. The Girl's appetizer was okay (duck spring rolls), but she loved her mixed grill (filet, lamb, apple smoked bacon, and chicken sausage). Then the desserts - oh my!!!! I had a greek walnut cake with honey glaze and cinnamon ice cream. It was more like it had been marinated in honey, and the ice cream was there to cut the sweetness. The Girl had a tres leches cake, which was out of this world. Sweet, rich, mmmmmmmmm good.

I've managed to finish my first week's (2 classes) reading for Wills, Estates and Trusts, and about half for Sexual Orientation and the Law. I've got my topic for class discussion for Non State Actors. No assignment published for the other two classes.

Off for more relaxation!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:08 PM