Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Shuttle Discover Lands 

I listened on my way to work to NPR's coverage of the safe landing of the Shuttle Discovery and STS-114 at Edwards Air Force Base this morning. NPR's Ina Jaffe was on site, and she brought tears to my eyes. Really. Again.

"There it is! There it is! Oh, just appearing out of the pre-dawn. It's rolling out, it was a beautiful landing, I don't think the nose wheel has touched down yet. The chute is deployed... It looks from here like the nosewheel may be down. It's hard for me to see from here now. It was moving very fast and just went...whooshing past us. But when it appeared in the xenon lights it was magical."

I pulled into the parking area just a minute or two later, and The Guyfriend was just getting out of his car. He knew it had landed but didn't realize NPR had been covering it, so I gave him the play by play, and it was all I could do not to start crying during the telling.

I'm watching the replay on NASA TV. It was magical. Ina Jaffe got it right. I can't imagine what I'd be like if I'd actually been there. Maybe someday...

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:39 AM