Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Weekend in Maine 

Steve at Beach
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The Girl and I took a weekend trip up to Brunswick, ME this past weekend to visit her brother Steve and his wife Joy. We had a fabulous time, which included a Saturday trip to this beach (sorry, don't remember the name, but perhaps Steve could leave the name in the comments?).

Beach Hut in Maine
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We stayed in their short term apartment in the cohousing community where they're building their lovely timberframe house. No, this is not their lovely timberframe house. You can find photos and details on the construction at Steve's blog, Maine Musings.

But really, their house is going to be a stunner when it's completed in the near future.

This was a driftwood hut that was being worked on by successive groups of beachgoing children throughout the day. One little guy was quite excited to find a number of useful pieces near our beach spot, and was very polite in asking before he dragged them off to the construction site. We told Steve that he would teach his (in-process) child to make a post and beam beach hut.

UPDATE (10:32 am): I found the name of the beach online - Popham Beach State Park in Phippsburg. If you look at the picture of the coastline on that site, you'll see where we were - right on that triangular point that juts out to Fox Island at low tide. That's Fox Island in the background of the Beach Hut photo above.

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