Friday, September 09, 2005

My Little mobiBLU 

I couldn't stay away from the gadgets for too long. This is my latest addition, just arrived yesterday. It's just the cutest little thing, and functional to boot!

Mine is the 1G model, and I've got it pretty much fully loaded now with just under 300 tracks. Plus my favorite radio stations are installed in the the presets, with plenty to spare. It even now has its own matching lanyard that I attached after lunch today.

In case you didn't get an idea of the size of it from the official website, check out this photo from their user blog. That's right, baby - 1G storage, an FM receiver with 20 presets, voice/radio recorder, drag and drop USB interface with no software required, all on the tip of my finger!

Now the 10G Nomad can sit comfortably on the desk, out of harm's way, while I keep my little cube on a string around my neck or in my pocket.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 2:17 PM