Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New TV Season Upon Us 

When I got home around 10:30 last evening I sat in front of the tv for a little bit while I sipped on some orange juice. I find it's hard to go right to bed after classes, as I'm too wound up. Last night I was even more so, since we'd had two OUTLaws meetings - one at 5:15, then another at 8:50 for anyone who couldn't make the earlier event. I always get really jazzed up after school events - I'm just ready to take on the world.

But I took on the Tivo instead. I was quite pleased to see that in the To Do List (shows that are scheduled for recording in the next two weeks) that the new viewing season is upon us! Returning favorites Lost, ER and Cold Case all appeared on the list, as did newcomers Bones and Surface (fka Threshold). Charmed is on the to do list on the upstairs Tivo.

Charmed, West Wing and Cold Case all premier on 9/25 at 8:00. Three shows, two Tivos. What to do? Cold Case is in, because The Girl and I both watch that, and it's one of The Girl's undisputed favorites. Charmed and West Wing are mine alone. I'm still undecided on the Charmed v. West Wing dilemma. I've really become hooked on West Wing reruns, and would love to watch the new ones, but I've got years of history with Charmed, the show I love to criticize when they get it wrong, but love to love when they get it right. It has the potential of a fresh start this year, what with the destruction of the manor and the faking of the Charmed Ones' deaths. I'll probably stick it out. I can always catch West Wing on DVD or in reruns later on.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:58 AM