Thursday, September 08, 2005

Runaway Legislature 

"I'm encouraged that the governor is going to stop the runaway Legislature, and he's going to represent the people," said Karen England of the Capitol Resource Institute, a Sacramento group that lobbied against the bill.

Oh, so now it's the Legislature that's out of control. Everywhere else in the country it's the Judiciary that's getting the blame for over reaching. I guess they couldn't really label the California Legislature "activist," since law-making is their actual designated role. So instead they're a "runaway" body. Huh. So when the legislature gets results the conservatives like, it's hailed as demonstrating the intended design of the elective process, wherein the elected officials represent "the will of the people." Of course, part of the purpose of an elected body is to have that body represent not only the majority, but also the less numerous minority, to be a check against majority attempts to impinge on the rights of those with whom they disagree.

Gov. Schwarzenegger and company have also strategically placed themselves ready for any court ruling that might come down stating that barring same sex couples from marriage is violative of the state's constitution - it's not the will of the people (although he previously said he'd be okay with it if approved by either the legislature or the court).

So now the only way to legitimately enact any law is by a direct vote by the population? I'm sure that will work out really well.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:34 AM