Saturday, October 22, 2005

Bad Idea. Really. Bad. Idea. 

While wandering the aisles of Target yesterday in search of items for use in my kitchen mini-makeover, I came across what has to be the worst soda idea I've ever seen: candy corn soda. This is from Jones Soda, that hip and edgy soft drink company. This is a little too edgy for me. I can't stand candy corn in solid form, and I'm certainly never, ever going to let a liquid format of it pass my lips.

Speaking of wandering the aisles, I should point out that part of what made this a good weekend to redo the kitchen is that it involved my wandering the aisles of Lowes - something The Girl absolutely can't stand. She can wander for hours inside a clothing store like Ralph Lauren, but get her near a home improvement store and her skin crawls. Just the opposite for me. I had a marvelous time walking the aisles, checking out the various outdoor fireplace/fire pits, refrigerators, drawer dishwashers, power tools, shelving options... You get the picture.

The woman at the check out counter confused me momentarily when after she gave me my receipt she inquired, "You don't have a cart?" *I stare blankly, before answering,* "No." "Are you going to be okay carrying all that?"

I had four 3-foot shelves (I ended up returning one, as I hadn't noticed that it was missing its hardware - how embarassing), and a small plastic bag containing two screwdrivers and a small toolbelt. And I had managed to carry these items loose all around the store and up to the counter before she bagged the smaller things. Did she think I had timed it so that I just made it to the counter before my muscles completely gave out?

"No, I'm fine, thanks. Have a good evening," I replied as I picked up the bag in my right hand and slung the shelving under my left arm and walked out to the parking lot.

I might not have been surprised at such a comment from someone in a chi-chi clothing store, but not from a woman working at a home improvement center. Doesn't she know about women actually being capable and self-sufficient? They should make that part of their employee training. Or she should watch Toolbelt Diva.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 5:52 PM