Saturday, October 22, 2005

Kitchen Nightmare No More 

The Nightmare
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This is what part of our kitchen looked like this morning. But The Girl is away for the weekend, so I put into action my secret makeover plan. Yesterday I went out to Target and Lowes, and came home with a new microwave cart, three wall shelves, some shelf liners, two new phillips head screwdrivers (the old ones were terribly worn, and did more harm than good), and a toolbelt that I just couldn't resist. This project was inspired by unemployment viewings of Toolbelt Diva on the Discovery Home channel. I also picked up some long-lasting lightbulbs for the front and back doors. They've both been burned out for some time now.

This baker's rack is now in the basement, and the cluttered table next to it is in the office. To see the whole story, check out the Kitchen Mini-Makeover Tale photoset. As always, remember that the slideshow option doesn't show the running commentary. Instead, click on the first photo in the thumbnails to see the larger view and description, then click Next under the thumbnails on the right to move through the set.

Warning - the Before photos are not for those appalled by clutter! TCU, you'd better sit down before viewing.

I'm curious to see how long it takes The Girl to notice when she gets home tomorrow...

Posted by Beth Henderson at 5:23 PM