Sunday, November 20, 2005

Freak Accident 

The Girl and I saw the aftermath of what appeared to be a highly freakish accident on the Mass Pike the other day. Traffic was all backed up, but we could see the flashing lights not too far in the distance, so we figured once we got to that point it would probably break up. Sure enough, that's where the ambulance, police cruisers, and one of the involved vehicles were still sitting.

Sitting there with a smashed up windshield was a black SUV of some sort, with another car's hood partially embedded in the windshield, sticking up vertically into the air. It appeared that someone else's car had ejected its hood and sent it sailing through the air, coming back to earth straight down into this SUV. I'm guessing the driver was at least conscious, as the SUV was parked neatly in the median rather than being askew or in the middle of the highway or all crumpled up.

Can you even imagine? I had a large sheet of ice once whip off the roof of a pickup truck in front of me, sail through the air and smash into my windshield, and that was bad enough. I had a cobweb of cracks all through the glass, and tiny little shards landed on me from the safety glass, but at least it was intact enough that I could continue my drive home from Franconia Notch.

But an entire hood slices into your passenger compartment, then stays standing straight up like a marker of some sort? That's something you'd see in a movie and say, "Yeah, like that would ever happen." Yikes.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:06 AM