Monday, November 28, 2005

It's Not What You Say... 

...It's how you say it, as I reminded myself as I was wishing I could retract and rephrase something I had just said to a classmate friend of mine. We were packing up from our second to last Wills, Estates and Trust class, from which we got out a few minutes early to fill out the end of semester evaluations. She seemed to be in a particular hurry, so I asked if she was heading home, or if she had another class. She responded, "No, I have a date!"

This friend started in the evening division while working full time days, but this semester transferred to the day division, and is now working part time days while commuting from Worcester. I couldn't imagine finding time to meet date material, let alone actually go out on one on a school/work night, so I responded, "Wow! How the hell did THAT happen?"

Fortunately she did laugh as she looked aghast and told me that was really mean, but she understood when I explained that I just didn't know how she found the time to meet someone, not that she was a big undatable loser, which she definitely is not.

Turns out she was especially eager for tonight's date because it is to take place at his house, and on the schedule is viewing Love, Actually. I said, "Ooo - romantic..." to which she enthusiastically said, "I know!!!!!" "Kind of a chick flick," I remarked. "Yep - gotta love the guys who can do chick flicks!" "Okay, have fun. And be safe!"

She looked back on her way out the door with a shit-eating grin and called back, "Oh yeah, I'll be safe. I'm all set!"

Reminded me of this week's Grey's Anatomy, when Meredith and Christina were talking about how all the boys they take home for one night stands instantly want a relationship and a white picket fence. They actually compared the men of Seattle to 1950's debutantes! I thought, "This is a nice change." Yes, we women actually do think about sex and don't always want a full-blown relationship (although those days are behind me - the not wanting a relationship part, that is...), and it's just nice to see the mass media acknowledging it without simultaneously making the women who do want sex without relationships into psycho killers or whack jobs who are only saying they don't want a relationship because they don't want to scare off the guys (and of course they're guys) they're targeting secretly for a relationship. If the free love character happens also to be a lesbian, well, she's also usually slated for some sort of psycho storyline as well, or at least heartache, which just goes to show that she really wanted a relationship too.

Unless it's The L Word. In which case it's all good. Except that free love Shane ended up getting stalked by Tammy Lynn Michaels, stalking Rosanna Arquette, tormenting Jenny and Carmen, developing a nasty drug habit over which she got the shit kicked out of her, and finally had her heart broken. But then she finally talked it over with Carmen and everything's good. And she's getting Jenny some therapy, because she REALLY needs it.

Can you tell I'm counting the weeks until the season three premier???

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:20 PM