Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Two More Classes Done 

Well, the class meetings for two more classes are done. I went out with a bang in both, as they were both seminar classes that require a paper and an in-class presentation of that paper, and I did both my presentations today.

In the first class, there were 6 of us left who had to present. The second and fourth presentations went so long that by the time we finally got around the the last two of us there were only 10 minutes left. The first four had a combined time of 1 hour, 35 minutes. We got five minutes each. Talk about speed presentations! I'm hoping he'll take the time constraints into consideration when allotting our scores for the presentation, which is 10% of our final grade. The paper is due via e-mail by midnight, December 2.

There were only three of us left to present in my other class, which is a 2.75 hour session, so no rush on that one. I think it went well - I got some questions, scored some laughs at my comments geared towards levity, and a few people commented afterwards that the case was interesting and thanked me for presenting it. The paper is due via e-mail by 5 pm, December 7.

I was supposed to have a second interview tomorrow for that job I mentioned last week, but with two of the three people I was supposed to meet being out for the holiday, it's been postponed to Monday or Tuesday, so I get to spend tomorrow morning packing up for our drive to Pennsylvania and Thanksgiving at the big sister's house (always a most fabulous event!). The Girl is getting out of work at 2 pm and I'm picking her up so we can head directly to the highway. Hopefully the traffic won't we too horrible...

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:28 PM