Saturday, December 17, 2005

Ding Dong, Semester's Done! 

Just got home from my last exam of the semester, in Massachusetts Practice and Procedure. No more school stuff until January 9.

As for the new job, it's going well and very, very busy. Monday I'm flying to Florida for an all day client site visit on Tuesday, then flying back on Wednesday. Just before I left the office Friday evening the idea was tossed out that perhaps I should stay in Florida for the lead project manager's other client visit in another part of the state on Thursday. Since it was the end of the day and would mean last minute travel changes, they decided instead that perhaps they'll send me the following week on a different client visit, to lovely, snow-covered, chilly Detroit. Rock city.

Guess it all balances out on the karmic scales.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 12:30 PM