Friday, December 30, 2005

In Search of Geeks 

Of course I need to locate the geeks in the new place, and I've been making some progress.


The sysadmin guy at the pod next to mine is a gadget geek.  He was quite impressed with the mobiBlu.


The PM I traveled with to Florida is a movie geek, although she seems to focus more on the chick flicks to the exclusion of all others.  Not a well-rounded movie geek.  I introduced her to this morning so she could order herself an iCHIMP (I need another one for myself).  That got us talking about Das Keyboard, and keyboard variations in general. 


This took us on a tour of the mostly empty office (it was around 7:30 am).  We found a Das Keyboard, a Dvorak keyboard, a very cool next gen ergonomic keyboard that has the keys sort of sunk in so you can really grip it like an integrated biomechanical console, and much to my pleasant surprise, the workstations of what appear to be kindred spirits. 


One of the support guys in a nearby pod has a Serenity mini-poster on his divider.  He also has a blue LED binary clock. Very cool.  


One of the developers has a plethora of mini Star Wars vessels all over his workstation and dividers. 


I must investigate further…

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:13 AM