Saturday, December 31, 2005

More Parts From Dell 

A couple of months ago I utilized Dell's online tech support chat system to request a replacement for my power adapter, since the cord was splitting and it only worked intermittently. "Rex" at Dell was quite helpful, and I received a replacement post haste, along with a shipping label for returning the old one in the same box.

Sadly, the new (refurbished) one wasn't much better. It would work, but then it would emit a high-pitched, crackling/buzzing noise and stop working. If I unplugged it for a while, it would usually come back to life.

I know, I should have just gotten back online with Dell and complained, but I didn't. I thought maybe it was just settling or something, and would calm down and fly right eventually. Of course it didn't, and today it fritzed out again and doesn't appear to want to revive itself. Meanwhile my battery power was dwindling down rapidly. I only get about an hour out of my battery. Is that unusually brief?

So I fired up The Girl's desktop (also Dell) and got online. A bit of a wait today, since they're on reduced staffing for New Year's Eve, but eventually I was connected to Vinayak. He asked the obligatory scripted questions to my stated problem, such as "Check if the Adapter port is loose?" I indeed double-checked, just in case, but then pointed out that nothing is loose, and it's the adapter itself that's freaking out. The little power light on it goes out. It's not like it's pumping out the juice and the computer's just not gettin' any.

But he quickly agreed, and assured me: "Not to worry I will make sure the correct part is sent this time and good one."

Here's hoping.

Along with my power of procrastination, I also have a power of making do. I made do with the old adapter until I was spending more time fiddling with the cord than using the computer. I made do with this one periodically sending out audio distress signals and no power. I had a slow leak in one of the tires on my Jeep, and rather than getting it fixed right away, I spent two winters dragging out my little air compressor every morning to fill the tire in cold weather. When The Girl finally pointed out the ridiculousness of this and accompanied me to the garage down the street, it was like 10 bucks to extract the nail that was embedded in the tire and patch the hole. Another winter I drove around for weeks with the soft plastic driver's side window all cracked and broken until The Girl got in the Jeep and noticed it. When we got home she went online and ordered replacement windows.

I just always try to make do with what I've got and get by. I need to get over this.

Sounds like I've got a couple of New Year's resolutions ready to go!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 12:34 PM