Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Papers and Other Items of Daily Living 

Today I've been working on my final paper of the semester, "Miller-Jenkins v. Miller-Jenkins: Civil Unions and Parentage in Vermont and Virginia," for my Sexual Orientation and the Law class. But I squeezed more than just writing into the day - no, that would never be enough. Other completed items on the agenda included (in no particular chronological order):

  • Cleaning up the kitchen from last evening's dinner.
  • Going out for the second day of my new running regime (started on Sunday).
  • Listening to and taking notes on the audio file of oral arguments before the Supreme Court of Vermont in Miller-Jenkins v. Miller-Jenkins for the aforementioned paper.
  • Set up and started the bread machine to make a loaf of white bread laced with Herbs de Provence.
  • Started the chicken brining for a roast chicken this evening.
  • Several loads of laundry.
  • Three lunchtime games of online backgammon with The Girl. I lost all three. It was very uplifting.
  • Chatted with the trashy neighbor, who popped out of her door upon my return from running. Our mutual front door has been so swollen with all the precipitation of the past couple of months that it's nigh-on impossible to pull shut from the outside, and you have to really lean into it to close it from the inside. There was much more to the story, including her sighting of a red fox in the front yard the other day, but I won't bore you any longer with the details. You can thank me later.
  • Continued the ongoing battle with The Boys regarding who has sovereign control over my desk while I'm working. At this point Aspen has retreated to his pillow on the credenza, but Mischief has taken up a napping stance on my blotter/notepad while I work on the computer.
  • Set up the Gazelle for The Girl to work out upon while the chicken is roasting.
  • Helped The Girl with her stretches.
  • E-mail updates with a classmate who is also working on a paper. We find this commiseration to be a great comfort.

But now it's time to say goodnight, and resume fighting the good fight again tomorrow. Priority number one will be knocking off the rest of this last paper. But who knows what else the day will bring?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 12:29 AM