Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Print, Dammit, Print! 

I finally finished my paper for Sexual Orientation and the Law, and e-mailed it to the professor. The catch is, if I don't get confirmation that she received and could open it, I have to mail it to her and it has to be postmarked today. It's 4:48, I haven't received confirmation, and the post office closes at 5:30 (thank god not 5:00).

Sadly, I forgot about how long it takes to print things out on the home printer. I got so spoiled in the former office cubeland where I could print out high quality duplex prints in no time flat, and a simple one-sided job like this would have taken microseconds. Now I'm painfully watching each friggin' page ease its way into the tray. Twelve pages down, five to go.

Tic, tock, tic, tock...
UPDATE (7:23 pm): So, I made it to the post office, waited in line and got my 12/7/05 postmark along with my receipt showing I paid for it at 5:02. My only remaining issue was that as I pulled the pages off the printer to staple them together, I noticed that although on the screen and Print Preview it showed my page numbering as being "Page X of {total}," on the printed pages it was "Page X of X." In other words, I had Page 1 of 1, Page 2 of 2, etc. The only one that was correct was Page 17 of 17. I've had this happen before and was able to correct it by mysterious waving of the hands over the monitor, but I had no time for mystical technomaging or wait for another complete set to drib-drab its way through the bubble jet, so I bagged it and tagged it.

At 6:38, after I had returned, I got the previously-anticipated confirmation e-mail, with an apology that she hadn't read it until after 5:00. I replied, "No problem - you can just toss the copy you'll receive via USPS!"

I really hope she takes me up on that, as the file had the correct numbering system.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 4:47 PM