Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cable and Tivo Complications 

Last weekend our downstairs Tivo started misbehaving.  I've got both the upstairs and downstairs Tivos on the wireless network, so we can transfer programs from one to the other.  The upstairs tv is smaller (okay, slightly less huge), so we often view downstairs stuff that was recorded upstairs.  I can no longer bring down shows from upstairs.  The requested show is in the To Do list downstairs, and says it will transfer after previously requested shows have been transferred.  There are no other previously requested shows.  If I look at the requested show on the upstairs Tivo, it says that it is currently transferring and is available in the downstairs Now Playing.  It's not available.

I tried deleting the problem requests from the downstairs To Do list.  I tried cancelling the transfer from the upstairs Tivo.  Doesn't clear it up when I request another show. 

I can view the upstairs Tivo from the downstairs Tivo.  I can transfer recordings from the downstairs to the upstairs.  I can connect to the Tivo network from both Tivos.  I tried restarting the downstairs Tivo.  I'll have to go to after work today and see if I can find any information.

If that weren't enough, last night something weird started happening with the incoming cable audio.  Actually, it's always been a bit awry, as the volume was at a lower level compared to other audio being fed through the receiver (DVD, tuner, CD player).  But now there's a tinny, buzzing quality to it.  It's not the receiver or the speakers, since DVD, tuner and CD still sound fine.  It's not the Tivo box or Tivo connection to the receiver, since shows recorded prior to the start of the buzzing sound fine. 

I'm thinking it's either the connection from cable box to Tivo, from outside box to cable box, from street to house, or the cable box itself. 

Much testing will ensue this evening. 

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:52 PM