Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Go For Power 

My new adapter arrived from Dell today, and as Vinayak promised, the correct part was sent this time, and it's a good one. It doesn't even appear to be a refurbished one, but brand spankin' new. My notebook is happily consuming the juice, charging the battery, and there are no untoward sounds emanating from anywhere. Life is good.

As far as my quest to overcome my two syndromes (Procrastination and Making Do), I think I'm off to a good start. I've got my new adapter, so I no longer have to make do with that. I have the old one all boxed up and a pickup scheduled for tomorrow morning with DHL/Airborne Express.

Today I also finally went to the bank I'm leaving and closed my account. The Girl and I had opened a joint account after our wedding, at another bank with more convenient locations, so in anticipation of my new job I opened my own checking account at that same bank. I've been meaning to close the old one out ever since September when I got laid off, since my direct deposit would no longer be going there, and it was only a free account if I had direct deposit. Okay, so it took me 3.5 months, but I got it done. And on the first business day of the new year, so I think I get points toward the resolution.

After the bank, I continued on up the Mass Pike into Boston to get my books for the semester. No more standing in the crowds on the first day of classes for this reformed (reforming) procrastinator. I even lucked out and got a meter parking place a couple of blocks from the store. This is quite a coup given that the bookstore is on the edge of Chinatown and the Theatre District. Then once inside, when I hit a small wall of confusion, I immediately sought assistance from the nearby employees rather than spending valuable time trying to puzzle it out myself. There are many more relevant matters I can spend my puzzling power on. I now have $319 worth of textbooks sitting on my desk. I was able to get everything except the related Examples & Explanations books that I like, but I usually can't get those at the NESL bookstore anyway. Usually I'll hike up Tremont St. to the Suffolk Law bookstore, but I think this semester I'll just surf on over to Amazon and see what their prices are looking like. Now the books are all labeled with my last name, and are on the shelf waiting to be used. I've still got to make a Wal-Mart run for some new folders.

The Girl and I are also resolved to keeping the house in better order on an ongoing basis. Soxfan and her lovely wife spent New Year's Eve and New Year's Day with us, so we're starting from a good base (i.e. having company over is a great motivator for cleaning house. When they're overnight guests, it's an even more thorough cleaning. I recommend this system to everyone). When I got home today I hung my coat in the closet and hung my leather bag on the coat rack (the coat rack is reserved for bags and for short term coat deposits. Otherwise they pile up and it becomes a monster). I put away my lunch container and hung the mini softsided lunch carrier up in the kitchen. Previously, the coat, the bags, the books and whatever else I was carrying would have ended up on the guest couch. We have two couches - one for The Girl and one for guests. I have an overstuffed chair and ottoman.

We also picked up some new toner for the printer, since it was running low last semester and the print was getting rather faint. I was making do, but no more. Nothing but legible print for me!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 5:48 PM