Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lost - The 23rd Psalm 

My Business Organization class was cancelled for tonight, so The Girl and I got to watch last night's recording of Lost. Why was a Bus Org class cancelled already, you ask? Well you see, I'm in the orphan section. During registration time, so many of us got waitlisted for the evening section that they rounded up a professor willing to take on another class, and opened a new section for us. Unfortunately, before all this happened he already had a commitment for this evening, so class is cancelled. Actually, postponed, since apparently we all now have to come in at some other time and make up the class. Yeah, that's going to be easy, finding a time slot that's available for all 30 of us.

Speaking of Business Organizations, I decided that my confusion over the handouts was because the black binder I had placed them in must be a bad karma binder. I've now moved them to the other empty binder, a bright orange one. Things are looking much better now, thanks for asking.

But back to the subject at hand: this week's episode of Lost.

Let's see. No Jack, no Michelle Rodriguez, I mean Ana Lucia, no Bernard and Rose, no of the other tail section survivor lady whose name I don't remember, no Sayid, no Sun. Maybe they did appear and we just didn't see it, because for some inexplicable reason about half way through the broadcast switched to channel 6, New England Cable News. What was really freaky about that was that just a couple of minutes before we got to that part of the recording, The Girl had just been asking me to confirm that Angelina is having Brad's baby. I had not heard of this, as I'm quite out of the celebrity gossip loop, and I probably would have blocked it anyway since Angelina is so clearly destined for gals. What was the second story we saw as we were fast-forwarding in hopes that the channel would return to The Island? Brad's publicist having confirmed that the two are a couple and are expecting, in addition to Angelina having filed last month for Brad to adopt her two kids. After that we resumed fast-forwarding, all the way to the end of the hour. Damn.

So this is a partial post. Luckily ABC is staying true to form and is rebroadcasting tonight's episode right before next week's new episode. They've been doing this all season - advertising a "two hour Lost event" that turns out to be a repeat followed by a new episode. That's not an event, that's thin programming. But it's working in our favor this time, so I'll let it slide, ABC.

Tonight's eye spy is on Eko, who grew up in Nigeria. He was very large, even as an adolescent, when we first see him playing soccer outside a church when a group of very bad men drive up to round up boys to become child soldiers. True to form, they pull aside one young boy, give him a pistol and order him to shoot an old man they've put in front of him. The boy is terrified and the men are about to get very rough with him, when Adolescent Eko races up, grabs the pistol and pushes the boy aside, takes aim and shoots. The Bad Men are impressed with his cold-bloodedness, but we know that he was only trying to save the other child. The Bad Men take him away, first pausing to tear the cross pendant from around Eko's neck and drop it on the ground. The boy picks it up and the two exchange a meaningful glance.

Next flashback Eko is all grown up and is a Bad Man Leader himself. He's very bad. We see him buy drugs at a drastic markdown because he has the only way to get the heroin out of the country - in a catholic relief plane. Turns out the boy was Eko's little brother, who is now all grown up and become a priest. Eko's very bad. In case we weren't sure and still felt sorry for his childhood victimization, we see him slice the throats of the two men who sold him the drugs. But maybe he just felt they were bad and needed to be gone.

Anyway, he coerces Baby Priest Brother, on penalty of Eko's two colleagues burning down his church, to forge ordination papers for the three of them, so they can fly the drugs out smuggled in the Virgin Mary statues.

Yes, those Virgin Mary statues. These flashbacks are mostly prompted by Eko's discovery via Claire that Charlie is toting around the Madonna. Eko immediately smashes the statue and reveals the stash inside. Claire is less than pleased, especially when Charlie continues to lie about knowing the contents of the little plaster Madre. Eko's not too happy either, and when Charlie finally tries to convince him that he found it under some tree. He slams Charlie up against said tree and demands to know where is the plane. Sorry Charlie, you're hosed. He did have a good line about Eko beating people with his Jesus stick, though.

En route to the plane, they come across a parachute in a tree, with a decaying man in priest's clothes in the underlying brush. Eko gets all weepy and we think it's his dead Baby Priest Brother, but then we see the gold tooth and realize that it's one of his thugs. But Eko says this man saved his life, and he then kneels and says all sorts of prayers over the body while Charlie waits impatiently.

Just as they're setting off again, the Island Alarm sounds and Charlie, from his tree perch from where he was trying to spot the plane, yells at Eko to run, but Eko stands his ground. We see a semi-formed black cloud rush towards Eko, then stop right in front of him. Think of The Abyss when the water tube communed with Isabella Rossilini. Only a black cloud with flashy things of some sort instead of sea water. And no face. Then the cloud just goes away. Huh.

I have no idea what happened to the plane hunters after that, because the tv moved on to Brad and Angelina.

In other news, Kate gave Sawyer a haircut. People who previously despised Sawyer now admire him because he got shot and all and tried to help Walt. Plus he got shot and all. Sawyer doesn't know what to do with himself now that no one's helping him with his journey of self-loathing. Maybe everyone's just pretending to like him because they know it will make him nuts. Yeah, I'm going with that. Locke is teaching Michael how to shoot a rifle and trying to convince him that going after Walt alone is a vewy, vewy bad idea. Michael pretends to agree. Or he does agree, but just doesn't care. But Locke's gone and changed the combination on the safe, so how's Michael gonna get a gun? Then he switches shifts with Kate so he can be in the hatch, and we think he's going to use the time to get into the safe room, but instead he chats online with Walt, who's in a hurry since they're coming back soon and he's over his limit of AOL time.

And then the tv switched to Angelina and Brad. Now I loved them in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but I really could have done without them during Lost.

That's all I've got. I'll update next week before going on to the new episode.

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