Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lost: One Syllabus, One Mind 

Yesterday at lunch I went to Staples and picked up 6 binders: one 3" binder for the massive amounts of paper that comprise the coursepack for Criminal Procedure II, one 1" binder for the current week's readings out of that coursepack, and one 1/2" binder for each of my four classes. The intention is to put the syllabus and other handouts from each class in one place, with easy access to the papers. Up until now I've just had a pocket folder for each class, which provided the in one place portion of the solution, but not so much the easy access piece of the puzzle. But armed with a three-hole punch and my binders, problem solved.

Until last night after class. I went up to my office, unwrapped the bindings, loaded in the Crim Pro lumber into the giant binder, and punched holes and began loading the paperwork for my other classes. But when I got to Business Organizations, I couldn't find the papers. Anywhere. I looked everywhere possible at least three times. I know I had the stuff on this desk on Tuesday, because I had loaded the updated assignment from the syllabus to Backpack. But now, nowhere. Not on my desk, not on the credenza, not in the drawers, not in either bag, not tucked into any of the books, not in any of the other binders, not tucked in with my financial aid papers, not in the trash, not on the floor, not downstairs, not in any of the other rooms, not in my pants pocket. Nowhere. What the fuck?

Finally at 11:00 pm I gave up and went to bed, but you know of course it was still making me crazy. So this morning when the Zen chime alarm (just one little "ding" and I'm up. Go to the link and click on Hear E Tone Chime.) went off at 5:30 I got up and searched again. Same results. I also checked the car. Nope. I fretted and expressed my frustration throughout the day.

I came home this evening and repeated the search, to no avail. I looked everywhere again. Finally I resolved myself to the fact that I would have to borrow someone else's and make copies next week. At least I had the assignment for next class.

Then I started this post. About halfway through, I decided to look just one more time through some papers stacked on a little 3-tiered paper holder, and the as-yet-unused binders. Not in the papers. Not in the orange binder. Not in the black bind... Oh. Look. Here they are, all neatly hole-punched and filed in the black binder that was in the "unused" stack.


I really am trying to be more organized. I think now you can see why it's so important for me.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 6:19 PM