Tuesday, January 03, 2006

March of the Penguins 

The Girl tried to watch this on her own while I was in Florida, but she tried to watch on a workday evening after dinner, when she is predisposed to falling asleep. Given her drowsy condition, it didn't really hold her attention. The description she gave was, "It's penguins. They're walking, they're walking. More penguins, more walking. I fell asleep."

But we gave it another try together yesterday afternoon, with much better results. I thought it was great, and The Girl enjoyed to a point, even though she's not big on the documentaries, especially ones about birds in Antarctica, with no people around. Through it all, as the harsh winter was setting in and they had to go months without eating and then had to march another 70 miles to get some fish, and then had to march back to the breeding grounds in order to give up a bunch of it to the little penguin chicks, we kept commenting how awful that would be. Finally, we simply declared that we'd never make it as penguins.

I decided that after hatching, the chicks must look around and say, "This sucks." Then when they get left on their own, they must think, "What? Now you're just leaving me here? This really sucks."But the movie didn't. Look for it at Oscar time.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:34 AM