Friday, January 06, 2006

Opening Today - Bloodrayne 

I first mentioned this video game prequel in August 2004, and it's finally coming to theaters today. IMDB had originally listed a 2005 release, so the studio only missed it by a week. Not bad.

Wondering if you should see it? Eighteenth-century vampire movie starring Kristanna Loken as a dhampir (father's vampire, mother's human - it wasn't consensual) who joins up first with circus folk and then with vampire hunters (one of whom is sensitve bad boy Michael Madsen). She embarks on a quest to find her uber vampire father, played by Ben Kingsley. Michelle Rodriguez also stars, and Guinevere Turner wrote the screenplay. Smaller roles by Billy Zane and Meat Loaf.

Come on! A period piece vampire movie with the Terminator Babe, Ben Kingsley as a supervillain, Michelle Rodriguez for Lost fans, Michael Madsen for masculine eye candy, a screenplay by power lesbian Guin Turner (most recently of The L Word fame), circus folk for fans of things, well, circus-y, vampire hunters (we Buffy fans don't have much left but reruns these days), and who doesn't love Billy Zane. And Meat Loaf! Something for everyone!

Check out clips and info at the official site. And check out the sword-wielding Michelle Rodriguez.

How can I convince The Girl?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 6:01 AM