Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Presenting...Tallulah Bankhead 

I've got a respiratory infection, and it's lowered my vocal range significantly. Yesterday one of The Girl's friends called, and after I rasped out, "Hello?" she was clearly confused, and hesitatingly asked for The Girl. I assured her that it was really me and I'm just a little sick. She laughed and replied that I sounded awful. When she got hold of The Girl on her cellphone she said that she had been wondering who the little boy was answering our phone.

I made a joke this morning about her being able to tell people that she's married to Tallulah Bankhead. Not being a fan of old movies, she didn't really get it, but she's going to mention it to her friend at work who's a 60-something gay man who spent lots of time in Provincetown over the years. He'll appreciate it.

I was supposed to be on a plane getting ready to land in Newark right about now, but since I'm hacking and coughing I didn't think the clients would really be very welcoming. Plus my ears are already blocked up, so with the cabin air pressure changes I'd probably be climbing the fusilage. I was just going along as a back up/scribe, and the lead PM is going to handle it on her own. Instead I'm planning on spending the day much like yesterday: sleeping on the couch. Yesterday I had to go out long enough to visit the doctor and get a diagnosis and some prescriptions, then to Walgreen's to get the antibiotics and codeine-laced cough medicine. Plus this sinus wash system that is just too horrifying to be described here. I also won't frighten you with colorful descriptions of the items I'm coughing out of my lungs...

The Girl stayed home from work yesterday to take me to the doctor's office (it's in Boston, we didn't know how parking would be and she didn't want me taking the T) and Walgreen's, and to keep me supplied with fluids all day. Isn't she the best?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:57 AM