Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Shell Word 

So what's up with this hollow shell of what used to be our favorite, The L Word? 

I know, I haven't posted up my blow-by-blows of this week's or last week's episodes as of yet.  I've been out of commission with sinusitis and other flu-like symptoms, and spent the past week lying on the couch unable to do much more than lift and operate the Tivo remote.  Pretty much the only computer time I put in was to login to my employer's e-mail system to let them know I wouldn't be in each day.  I might be able to put up the plot progressions this weekend for those of you who are Showtime-deprived.  For now I must rant.

But I have now viewed the most recent episodes, and am appalled.  What the hell happened to the characters and storylines between seasons?  Where did Mark go?  Last we knew he was rising to Jenny's challenge to stay and clean up his mess.  Guess with Jenny leaving town he figured his obligation was over so he boogied on out, because he's nowhere to be seen.  No mention of him, either.  What about his lifetime obligation to be Shane's servant?  Oh well, not so much.  At least when they wrote Marina out between seasons 1 and 2 they took the trouble to come up with a backstory to explain it.  Not that I really liked the story they told or the way they told it, but at least there was an effort.

I'll have to complete this later, since it's now become clear to me that even this rant will require more than an e-mail from work post-ette. 

Coming soon – Shellena, the loss of humor and imposition of snobbery on the characters, the de-Shaning of Shane to make way for the isolation of Moira, and the de-Kitting of Planet Kit.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:36 AM