Friday, March 31, 2006

Change of Seasons 

It's supposed to be in the low 70s today – ahhhh.  It's Teva season!  I dug a pair out of the closet this morning, but was quite distressed that I couldn't find the nice new pair my sister sent me at the end of last season.  I've been waiting all winter to wear them, but instead I'm wearing last year's pair.  At least my feet can breathe and I can feel all kicked-back and relaxed while I field calls and e-mails from the customers nearing go-live on their installations and who want to recount for me again the issues that we discussed yesterday and that we let them know during yesterday's Thursday weekly status call would be done by the end of the day Monday and we'll let them know when they're ready to test.  It was very important that given these facts that they test them at 7 am today so they can let us know that they're still not finished.  I know.  They'll be ready to test by Monday.  I'll let you know when to test. 

But now I have my Teva's and all is right.  I'll just sip my decaf and assure the client that it will be ready soon and I'll let them know when to test.

The Girl seems to think that the new pair arrived at the end of the summer before last, and that the pair I'm wearing IS the "new" pair.  Hmm.  Oh well, at least I have shoes and a pair of feet to put in them.  Summer's almost here.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:34 AM