Friday, March 24, 2006


I've been trying to simply things in my life.  Makes them easier to maintain and organize.  Last week I brought my computer home after Monday's classes, since the scroll pad still isn't working (that's a whole other, continuing saga, hopefully to be resolved today) and since I was doing a presentation in my Tuesday class so really wouldn't be taking notes, Wednesday's classes were cancelled for the Dark Shadow of Jurisprudence, and I only have one class on Thursday.

I got out of the building and home so much faster not packing up the notebook and adapters, then waiting for the elevators at school and the parking garage because my bag is so heavy.  The downside of not having the computer with me is that my handwriting is so bad that if I don't copy over my notes to the computer shortly thereafter, I can no longer read them.  So before Thursday's class I grilled a classmate about his Palm keyboard, which he's been using our entire time at school (three years now – yikes!).  He loves it, and let me try it out.  Mine arrived Wednesday evening. 

I got to try it out in class last night, and after some initial getting-used-to's, it was great!  Once I got the hang of the keyboard shortcuts for formatting (I have Documents To Go, which includes Word and Excel, on the Palm) and changing programs, I flew.  I was able to take many more notes than if I were struggling with penmanship, I was out of there in a jiffy, and when I got home I just synched it up and my notes were complete!

I think my next target in the quest for streamlining is this blog.  It's gotten a little too top-heavy with extras and doodads.  And it's really hard to navigate on a handheld.  By the way, if you have a handheld and don't yet have Avantgo, get over there now and sign up for a free account.  I've had mine since shortly after I got the Palm, and it's heaven.

Anyway, off the techie plugs and back to the zen of blogging.  Watch for some changes.  Let me know what you think. 

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:50 AM