Friday, March 17, 2006

Snap Out of It! 

Along with being one of my favorite movie lines (Cher, to Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck), "Snap out of it!" is also an accurate assessment of what I need to do with my blogging, and really all internet connectivity, hiatus.  I've now had both my sister and my sister-in-law contact me in distress out of concern that something disastrous has happened to me.  All because I haven't blogged.

I've just been really busy and feeling less on top of things lately.  Go to work, go to school, go to work, go to school.  The good news is I really do think I've snapped out of it.  I'm feeling great about the job I started in December, I'm really jazzed about school, and I think The Girl's finally coming around to accepting the idea of my starting my own law practice.  There –I've said it for the world to hear.  I want to hang my own shingle.  It won't be for a couple of years, since the current schedule is to graduate in May 2007, take the bar in July 2007, get my passing results in October-November 2007 and be sworn in around February-March 2008.  But it's never to soon to start planning.  One of my classes this semester is Law Practice Management, and it's all about opening and running a law practice.  The final project each of us has to hand in is a business plan for said practice.  Every week we have to research some facet of the process, whether it's researching who's already practicing in the geographic area we've picked, digging into the daily details of a specific area of practice (What exactly do I need to do to handle a divorce case?  What forms need to be filed where and when?  What are the usual fee arrangements for attorneys for this type of case in my location?), or getting prices on office equipment, software, telecommunication lines, advertising, etc.  It's been a real confidence builder as each week goes by and we see more and more that we really can do this. 

So, I've got lots of stories built up.  Hopefully I'll stay snapped and you'll get to read them.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:57 AM