Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April Adhering to Guidelines 

April's definitely been doing her part in bringing the showers, so hopefully May will be bursting with flowers!  After the second driest March in the history of Boston weather (which has been recorded since the mid-1800's), with something like 0.6 inches of  rain, April got off to a jump start on Saturday (4/1) with rain off and on all day long.  It has continued off and on, and today is rain, rain, rain.  Might change to snow showers this evening, but it's precipitation nonetheless.

In other news, I'm dropping off my registration form for next semester today.  And the registration goes to: Modern Real Estate Transactions, Negotiations, Personal Income Tax and Wills, Estates & Trusts II.  My third year evening classmates and I are a little disappointed in the sparse pickings for courses for the fall in the evening, especially given that next year is our final year, so if we can't take it soon we can't take it at all. 

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:28 AM