Wednesday, April 26, 2006

End of Classes 

I had my last two classes of the semester this evening. Now just one project (a business plan for my own law practice), one take-home exam (16-page limit - this was increased by 1 page after the SJC Justice/professor's secretary finished preparing it and told him he's a bastard for making us answer the questions in 15 pages!), and two scheduled exams. Completion date: Wednesday, May 10, 9:00 pm.

I celebrated this momentous occasion of completing my third year of classes by:

1) Treating myself to a decaf grande nonfat (ha, I typed nonfact at first) marble mocha machiatto for the ride home.

2) Sitting at my desk at home and filling out all my financial aid forms for next year. I'll be dropping these off at the financial aid office at lunchtime tomorrow.

3) Thoroughly irritating The Girl by waking her up at 10:15 pm to sign two forms. She has to sign the school forms since she's my legal spouse in the state, but not of course the federal loan forms because our 7-year relationship is worth nothing to them, except as a rallying point for getting out the core voters. With all she's dealt with while I've been in school these past six semesters she ought to get some sort of federal recognition, like a lavender heart or something. By the time I graduate I will have been a student in our relationship for as many years as I wasn't a student in our relationship. During the week she refers to me as the ghost, since I come home after she's asleep and by the time she's up in the morning I'm already on my way to work.

Just one more year...

Of course then there's the bar prep, the bar exam, the waiting for bar results, and the waiting for the swearing-in ceremony. Okay, so -

Just two more years....

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:57 PM