Monday, April 17, 2006

Horn Pond, Woburn 

Saturday we headed down to Providence, RI with soxfan and her lovely wife to attend a reading by a Bryn Mawr classmate of mine and soxfanwife. The classmate is Anastasia M. Ashman, and I highly recommend the anthology created and edited by her and her delightful associate Jennifer Eaton Gokmen. The book is titled "Tales from the Expat Harem," and is a collection of essays by foreign women living in modern Turkey. I'll provide more details about the reading, the book and that portion of the day later, but for now you can get details on the anthology at their website.

The point of this post is the details of Saturday's training walk around Horn Pond. Because we had to leave early for the reading, I wasn't able to get in as long a walk as my sister, who took on the 10.2 miles from Washington's Crossing to Stockton, in New Jersey. Her path was along the Delaware and Raritan Canal, the longest/narrowest state park in the country. I only had about an hour, so I logged 2.61 miles in 1 hour, 58 seconds. This was another new destination for me, at Horn Pond in Woburn. I'll have pictures to post later on, but it's a really nice trail. About 1/3 of it is on paved sidewalk, and the rest is dirt/mulch trails. It goes all the way around the pond, which was formerly the site of a triple set of locks on the canal that went from Charlestown to Lowell before the train lines were established. You have a choice of doing a simple loop around the main portion of the pond, or of veering off on any of a number of additional loops through the woods and wetlands. They also have a 2 mile exercise trail at the south end of the park, that has various stops at which to perform designated stretching and calisthenics. Lots of wildlife and scenic vistas. Plus I'll be able to do some kayaking there this summer!

In related good news, I'm at 49% of my required fundraising target for the Avon Walk!

The photo below is a shot across Horn Pond from near where I started. Click on it to go to the full photoset. Remember to view each picture individually, because the slideshow doesn't give you the commentary.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:04 AM