Sunday, April 30, 2006

Middlesex Fells, Skyline Trail 

Yesterday I took on the 7-mile "challenging" route of the Skyline Trail in Middlesex Fells. It was a beautiful day, with crystal clear skies and temps in the low 60s. Gorgeous. As usual, photos attached. Click on the one below to go to the photoset, then view each picture (not in slideshow) to see all the commentary. Oh, and I was walking, walking, walking, climbing, clambering, climbing for about 4.5 hours with two 5-10 minute phone breaks with The Girl.

Today was a study day while The Girl golfed. I am driven mad by the unruly and uncontrolled neighborhood children who play in the corner lot abutting our driveway, and who invariably have home base planted directly beside my car, with the pitcher aiming for my door. I've repeatedly asked them to move home plate over about 15 feet, which will actually give them a larger playing field, but then I hear them out there again. Plus the smaller kids whose parents seem to think that since they rent half this duplex they should be able to give their kids free reign over the walks all around the house, including the ones right by our windows. I can't wait to have our own house. I went out for a walk in the early evening, and when I came back there they were, standing in our driveway behind homeplate, right where I park my car.

When The Girl got home a few minutes later I explained that I had just gotten home, yelled at the children, and started to vacuum. She thought this was the most hysterical statement ever, like it was part of my daily routine. She took me out to the Starbucks drivethrough, and when they opened the pickup window I breathed in the coffee scents and described it as the aroma of civilization. "Fuck Calgon - Starbucks, take me away."

She now thinks that THIS was the most hysterical statement ever.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:03 PM