Sunday, April 09, 2006

Nice Day for a Walk 

Lower Mystic Lake, Arlington, MA
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With the arrival of a nice sunny day, with temps in the high forties, I went out for a walk in the real world today. I multitasked by walking around Arlington, where I'd like to open my own practice in two years (scheduled graduation May 2007, bar exam July 2007, results October or so 2007, swearing in around February/March 2008). As I walked around the main thoroughfare and the larger side streets, I noted where the clusters of attorneys were. I had previously looked them up on the various online sources to get an idea.

My Law Practice Management professor, as well as many of the guest speakers that have come in this semester, recommends contacting local attorneys who have their own offices, as oftentimes some of them have more space than they are using and are willing to rent out an office to new attorneys.

I spotted lots of promising locations, although it's a little soon yet to be doing any serious inquiries. "Hi - would you have any office space available in, say, two years? Not sure? Okay, I'll get back to you next week..."

And I had a lovely walk on top of it. I covered 4.58 miles in 1 hour, 45 minutes. Did kind of a figure 8, taking in the edge of the Lower Mystic Lake, then back up to Mass Ave in Arlington Center, almost all the way up to Arlington Heights, then back on the bike path. Then when I returned I found that I had received a pledge from a Bryn Mawr alum. Athena's Web comes to the rescue!

Speaking of which, if anyone feels the urge to sponsor my participation in the two day Boston Avon Walk the weekend of May 20, click one of the big pink buttons in the upper corners of this page.

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