Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday Morning at Horn Pond 

The forecast for today was for intermittent showers in the morning, becoming more steady rain in the afternoon, so I got out early and headed for Horn Pond again, since it's a very short drive and because it's full of loops I could decide on the fly whether to extend or shorten the route. It was just a light drizzle when I got around to the part with the exercise loops, so I headed off to explore some trails I hadn't yet tried. I'm not sure if I was on the official trail the whole time, as they're not nearly as well-marked as the trails in Middlesex Fells, but I had fun. At one point I was up on a high cliff, looking down on the main part of the trail far, far below. But on I forged, eventually working my way back down from the heights and through a cedar forest (nearing the edge of Woburn Country Club at one point) and got back to the main exercise trail.

I decided to go back out to the main loop and walk across the causeway, since I had bypassed that last week. As I neared the paved walk, I heard a low rumbling and saw a jacked up, beat up, bright red pick up truck with either a malfunctioning or tricked out muffler slowly cruising across the causeway. It's a pedestrian-only area. I was wondering if the jerk would even be able to get out the other end, and if he'd have room to turn or if he'd have to cross back in reverse, but then sure enough, here he came back across. He must have had room to turn, since he was facing the right direction. I was on the causeway path myself by this point, so as he passed me I managed to give the driver and his two passengers my best glare. They looked like hunter-fisher types, like the guy across the lake with his "Gut Deer?" bumper sticker and his camoflage jacket and pants for the wilds of the lakeshore across the street from a totally residential neighborhood. Anyway, I even pondered taking a picture of the truck on the causeway, including license plates, but decided it really wasn't worth it for these assholes. They probably would have gotten a kick out of being a spectacle.

About 10 seconds after they passed, all of us pedestrians got satisfaction when a motorcycle cop with his bright yellow police rainjacket went cruising after them with a much more effective glare than I could ever have mustered. And his glare had a lot more authority behind it, too. The truck had turned a bend, and the cop followed, but less than a minute later the motorcycle appeared again, leading the wayward truck out of the park. Jerkoffs.

But the rest of the walk was fun, and partway across the causeway I encountered a little water bird of unknown (to me) origin. Pictures in the photoset - anyone know what it is? Click on the black and white bridge to get to the full set and more details of the walk. Numbers: 3.54 miles in 1 hour, 19 minutes.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 3:44 PM