Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tales from the Expat Harem 

Anastasia and Jen
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So Saturday The Girl and I along with soxfan and soxfanwife drove down to Providence for the first stop on the national tour of the creators of Tales from the Expat Harem, an anthology of writings by foreign women living in modern Turkey. These are the creators/editors in the photo, Jennifer Eaton Gokmen on the left and Anastasia M. Ashman on the right. Anastasia is a college friend of mine with whom I've been in periodic contact with over the years, but we hadn't seen each other in about twenty.

The reading was well-attended, with several floor-sitters after the chairs filled up, and many attendees lingered afterwards to buy the book and get signatures. We were fortunate that Anastasia and Jen had a bit of time between the last signature and their train to NYC, so we ducked across the street to Starbucks for icy beverages at a table for six in the sun. A fabulous event, and here's to the rest of their tour going as well and even better! Check out the book - it's excellent. I've been squeezing in a few pages here and there between work, school and training.

Luckily for us web junkies, the two have gotten their traveling connection up and running, and are now blogging from the road! For the coming weeks we can follow tales of the temporarily repatriated members of the expat harem.

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