Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Walk to the Edge 

My new coworker IronGuy (currently in training for an Iron Man) and I went for a walk at lunch today.  Stats:  2.77 miles in 1 hour, 37 seconds, average pace 2.7 mph.

Route: Along Highland Ave., a very busy exit off Rt. 128, to the Dept. of Conservation and Recreation river path we spotted the other day.  Once we got onto the path it was very nice and the highway traffic died away.  We walked in for about 10 minutes then another 10 back out.  When we got back to the road we spotted the park map, which we had missed on the way in.  Turns out we had barely touched the edge of this 700 acre recreation area!  Later this week we're going to drive over, park, and spend the larger part of lunch hour hiking in the peace and quiet.

In related news: I'm 1/3 of the way to my fundraising goal for the Avon Walk.  $600, $1200 to go…

Posted by Beth Henderson at 2:24 PM