Friday, April 14, 2006


Wicked at The Opera House
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The Girl acquired tickets for a matinee showing of Wicked yesterday, at The Opera House in Boston. The show was at 1:00, and we were cutting it close. After traveling down 93 at breakneck speeds, we parked in the garage next to school, so we could get a discount on the parking. Then we had a rapid walk over to Downtown Crossing, where the theater is. Now I tend to walk a bit faster than The Girl's more leisurely pace, but I was really putting on the pressure, as the clock was ticking to when they'd close the doors.

The Girl didn't really get the pressing nature of the time issue, so was getting a little cranky at my constant push to walk faster, and I was getting a little cranky at her resistance and repeated assurances that "We're fine, we're fine."

We flew in through the outside doors at seconds before 1:00, just as the ushers were closing the inside doors and announcing last seating call. They called out to us to hurry or we'd be shut out for the first 25 minutes. The Girl was busy pulling the tickets out of her bag, so I practically lifted her up the couple of steps to the inside doors and helped her thrust the tickets to the first usher. As soon as we were in they closed the doors and hurried us to the next set of ushers, who also scanned our tickets and pointed us to the usher who would show us to our seats.

We got to our seats, took off our coats, exchanged looks of relief and "All's forgiven" just in time for the lights to go out and the curtain to rise.

The show was absolutely fabulous. The Girl and I laughed, cried and applauded. The Girl in general hates musicals, but even she loved this one, and even volunteered that she'd go again!

No Reality Check needed here. Awesome show. But leave yourself some extra time for arrival. If you get there early, go get a latte.

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