Monday, May 01, 2006

Middlesex Fells, Mountain Bike Loop 

Took the day off from work today to prepare for exams, and went out for an early walk since we're expecting rain later today. It was back to Middlesex Fells for me, with today's route being the Mountain Bike Loop, also known as the green trail. Much of this is on fire roads, but much of it is not. On the east side of the loop (the second half) my GPS went a little wonky after losing the signal for an extended period. When it reaquired, it decided that I had traveled 35 miles away and then 35 miles back between signal acquisitions, but I really don't think I traveled 76.4 miles. The trail is measured at 6.44 miles, so I'm taking that as being more likely for my 2.5 hours of fast walking.

Just five photos today. Click for details.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:39 AM