Sunday, May 07, 2006

Three Down - Bus Org to Go 

My take home exam for Criminal Procedure II with Justice Cordy is printing out as I type. Mischief (see previous post) is quite happy, as he is fascinated by the printer. The minute he saw me open the drawer for additional paper he perked right up from the pillow on which he's been napping while I worked for the last several hours. He stares, leans over, jumps back, gets in close - he loves the thing. The Girl has been known to print random pages just to watch him in action.

I'm happy, because this third of my exams/papers is out of the way, except for the handing in part. A classmate of mine and I have been commiserating over the course of the weekend, updating each other on how many questions we've each made it through so far, giving mutual encouragement, etc. He finished his up about a half hour ago. We'll see each other tomorrow at the Business Organization review session, as he's in that class as well. That exam is Wednesday from 6-9 pm. Think happy thoughts for me.

Dammit - my printer is doing this thing again with the page numbers. It looks fine in the preview, but when it prints instead of printing "Page 2 of 10," "Page 5 of 10," etc. it prints "Page 2 of 2, "Page 5 of 5," etc. Then I stop it and reprint, and it's fine. Except this time it did it again the second time. Grr. I've now (after cancelling the second print job) removed the "of x" portion, and each page will simply have the page number. He'll just have to figure out how many pages there are. The answers are all numbered, at least.

Good night, and good luck.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:27 PM