Thursday, June 01, 2006


20 year college reunion moment:

A classmate who shall remain unnamed, we'll just call her AssFace, looks pointedly at soxfanwife's nametag, then at her face, and asks, "Oh, Kate, how are you?" soxfanwife engages in polite but reserved small talk, as this was not someone with whom we ever shared friendship or probably even diplomatic conversation.

AssFace then looks pointedly at my nametag, then at my face, and states bluntly, "I don't remember you at all."

I pause, not sure which of the many, many ways I could respond to choose.

AssFace continues, "Your name vaguely rings a bell, but I don't recognize your face AT ALL!"

I smile, nod, and think to myself, "Well, that's probably because we avoided each other since I was always drunk, loud and obnoxious. And you were an asshole. At least one of us has changed," as I took a long sip of my cold, bottled water.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 6:41 AM