Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Shuttle Launch 

T minus 3 minutes, and I'm glued to C-SPAN, waiting for the launch of Shuttle Discovery. I'm such a sap, I'll probably be crying in a few minutes.

The Guyfriend and I watched the last one (the first one after the explosion) in my cube at the old job, in a little streaming video window. It's much better in full color on a big tv.

The Girl is out golfing. It's pouring out. She'll be home soon, but hopefully not before my tears of joy and hope for the future of space exploration have dried.

Such a geek.
UPDATE (2:48 pm): The shuttle is now in its preliminary orbit, and they are showing the staff at Kennedy Space Center. They all looked so calm, and just as I was thinking that I'd be jumping up and down if I were there and everything had gone well, they started some initial handshaking, then much to my relief they converted to hugs and smiles and thumbs up all around. Much better. Control has now shifted over to Johnson Space Center in Texas.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 2:38 PM