Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Classes Approach 

It would seem that the start of classes is drawing nigh.  For NESL, classes for returning students begin Monday, August 28 – less than four weeks away.  The good news is that all my textbooks are either in hand or ordered.  Only one has an expected delivery date that could be after the start of classes (the expected date for this book is from a bit before to a bit after the 28th), but at least that one is a "recommended" rather than a "required" text. 


The best news is that my Wills, Estates and Trusts II classes uses the same textbook as the Wills, Estates and Trusts class I took last year.  Nothing like not having to buy a $104 book!


All the other books that haven't yet arrived are expected to ship in the next couple of days, so I'll have plenty of time to get the first day's assignments read.  Assuming the professors post the syllabi at some point.  Currently only one of my four professors has posted up the first assignment.  It drives me a little crazy as the first day approaches and some of the assignments aren't posted.  Sometimes it's just because that professor decided not to put out a first assignment so we can fully enjoy the break, but sometimes it's because they didn't submit it to be put online and it's just sitting there in the building in a stack of hard copies, which requires an extra trip into Boston early enough to get the assignment and do the reading.  Of course, because we don't know, this entails multiple trips, because maybe it's not there today but maybe it will be there in a couple of days.  If they could just post a little note saying "No first assignment – get syllabus at first class" or something to that effect, then we'd know and could relax.  This not knowing sort of defeats the purpose of those kind-hearted professors who want us to enjoy the summer.


The winner of the highest number of books per class award goes to Personal Income Tax, which has a total of five.  Hopefully I won't have to haul every one of these to every class.  I'd better start working out, just in case. 

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:31 PM