Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hidden Starbucks 

A little more interesting than the office building directly across the street is the view slightly to the left. You can see the corner of shops across Lyndale Ave. What you can't see is that further down that block is a Starbucks! I plan on breaking up my evening of boredom by walking over for a latte. Earlier this evening I drove to the Uptown section of Minneapolis, where all things hip and happening are located. There I had a fabulous sushi dinner at Fuji-Ya. In case you're wondering, I had the spicy tuna spring roll (which is in a rice wrap rather than a wonton-like skin), followed by a caterpillar roll and salmon sushi. Absolutely delish! Here's their description (I know The Girl will want to run right out and get some...):

Spicy Tuna Spring Roll
#1 sashimi grade Ahi tuna marinated in our spicy tuna sauce, wrapped in clear rice paper with gobo, kaiware, & avocado, garnished with spicy eel sauce.

Caterpillar Maki
8 pieces. Eel & cucumber wrapped with avocado, sprinkled with sesame seeds & topped with our special unagi sauce.

The salmon sushi is like is sounds. Slices of salmon atop a matching size block of rice.

So anyway, after my sushi high has worn off, I'll be ambling over to Starbucks for the aroma of civilization.

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Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:33 PM