Friday, August 04, 2006


I have a soft-top Jeep Wrangler, and I keep roof down as frequently as possible, or at least if the roof is up I'll have the windows out.  The rear side windows are out for the whole summer, as they're a real pain to reinstall and I don't even have a back seat in for passengers, so what's the point?  I've kept the roof up lately because of the intermittent rainstorms.  I can park it in the covered parking at work, but the ceiling isn't high enough for me to raise or lower the roof while I'm in there (the roof frame swings up and over).  So this morning I'm driving down 128 with the roof up but windows out when my phone rings.  It's The Girl, wondering if I've got my windows in because she's about one town ahead of me on the highway and has been surrounded by a monsoon. 

It was just starting to spit a bit where I was, but I pulled off the highway and parked under some trees at a nearby Mariott so I could put in the front windows and roll down the rear one, then back on the highway with me.  Sure enough, moments later it started pouring. 

It's so much nicer putting them in BEFORE the heavy rains begin.  Because once it starts, what's the point?  I'll get soaked getting out to install them anyway!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:03 AM