Monday, August 14, 2006

Things are Looking Up 

The Northwest Airlines flight attendants have postponed their potential strike until after I am back from my trip to Minneapolis.  Whew! 

In other news, The Girl and I golfed on Sunday with a group to which we've belonged for several years.  At each event, players can sign up for the competition holes – usually 4 or 5 holes, a mix of closest to the pin and longest drive – for $1/hole.  Yesterday there were three closest to the pin (these are par 3's – in order to qualify, your tee shot has to stop on the green, then it's the closest of the qualifying that wins) and two longest drive (in order to qualify, your tee shot has to stop in the fairway, then it's the longest of the qualifying that wins).  I won one of the longest drives ($15), and The Girl took home a closest to the pin ($22).

Even more exciting was that The Girl wound up with a 93 for the round, one of her best scores ever.  I was a putting machine on the front nine, with a total of 13 putts for the nine holes!  We won't talk about my overall score, or my putting on the back nine.  I prefer to focus on the good things…

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:54 AM